Giant Swing

The newest adrenaline pumping feature at Northern Lights Rock and Ice: The Giant Swing! Get Clipped in and then pulled up to 40 feet in the air. Pull the release and feel the free fall flying rush!

Dual 450 Foot Zip Wires

Look no further than our dual 450‐foot zip lines for an incredible adrenaline rush! Once you experience our zip-line once, you’ll want to do it again!

Look Mom, No Hands!

The Giant Swing is a rush everyone loves.

Zip It Backwards!

If you think frontward was fun, try zipping it twice backward!

Getting Ready For Takeoff

Climbing the pole to the leap.

Leap of Faith

Pure adrenalin!

High All Aboard

This challenge allows climbers to ascend and stand on the 24 foot platform while belayed by their team, using the unique group belay device "Just Right Descender".

Universal Accessibility

NLRI routinely works with special needs groups. Stretch the limits of what you thought was possible!

Low Ropes Challenge

The lowest level of the challenge course with three low elements.

Cat's Walk Initiative

Climb a pole or rock climb to access our amazing Cat Walk initiative.

High Course

Set 24 and 42 feet in the air, our High Courses allow individuals/teams to progress through high challenges - a powerful learning experience and new perspective.

Cargo Nets

The Cargo Nets give access to our High Course.

Balance Beams

The first element on the High Course is the Balance Beams.

Earthquake Bridge

Test your team's Communication and Problem Solving Skills suspended 42 feet in the air.

Pipe Dreams

Another Test of your team's ability to function effectively under stressful conditions. Move your team together, through and around the hanging pipes.

Jungle Bridge

Indiana Jones bridge!

Two 40' Rappelling/Abseiling Faces

Perfect for fire fighter, police and military training, or a recreational thrill our rappelling walls provide 40' of adventure!

Log Cabin

The Northern Lights Rock and Ice Log Cabin is the perfect place to meet for your adventure.

Team Building

Groups come to Northern Lights to build communication.

Wild Woozey

This series of challenges is set less than two feet off of the ground. Perfect for enhancing communication and teamwork.

Ground Initiative

Team building takes full cooperation and participation from your entire group.

Working Together

Teams that play together stay together.

Ground Initiative

Many of our best activities do not require harnesses/ropes - they're done right on the ground!


Work together to move your team.

Whale Watch

Balance your way to a better team.

Helium Ring

Raise awareness of your team perceptions.

Giant Swing Pull

Teammates pull each other to the Giant Swing.

Toxic Waste

Groups must work together for an end goal.

Inline Nitro

Establish leadership roles with this problem solving element.

Mohawk Walk

Supporting one another while traversing the Mohawk.


The Vortex is a problem solving low initiative.

Ra Sha Sha

A possible group activity for the end of your program.

Rainbow Direct Play Set

Complete with a built in 8ft climbing wall and two slides!

Entre Prises Rock Climbing Pinnacle

With a surprisingly accurate texture and feel, this man-made structure provides a controlled climbing experience that is as close to real rock as it gets. Perfect for learning new climbing skills! Entre Prises is the world leader in creating amazing artificial climbing structures. Each one is a rock climbing unique sculpture.

Cat's Walk Initiative

Climb a pole or rock climb to access our amazing Cat Walk initiative.

Rock Climbing "L" Wall

Our "L" wall provides a warm weather rock climbing venue.

Night Climbing

Our "L" wall and is lit for night climbing for added adventure!

Portable 24' Climbing Tower

Usable on our site or yours, this 24' foot climbing tower is an incredible adventure for your event or party. With 3 hydraulic auto-belays, this tower gets you climbing! Call 316-3300 for rental information.

Winter Ice Climbing Wall (Seasonal)

Northern Lights is one of the only venues in the nation that builds a 17,000 gallon frozen waterfall for ice-climbing that is open to the public. Whether you're new to the sport or just looking for a controlled adventure (without the long approach), we've got the wall and equipment for your ice climbing adventure.

Night Ice Climbing

Test your ice climbing skills at night!

Building The Ice

Our commercial ice maker building the ice wall.

Ice Climbing

Do it together.

Ice Climbing

Almost at the top!

Ice Climbing

A great achievement!

Headig over to the Zip Tower

The Jungle Bridge on the way to the Zip Tower.

Winter Fun

Winter is a great time for adventure at Northern Lights Rock and Ice.

Jungle Bridge

All activites, all year round.

Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams on the High Course.

Beautiful Winter View

Top of the Cargo Net on the Aurora Tower

Burma Style Bridge

Get out and enjoy the winter air!

Winter Zip

How about a chilly zip?!

Giant Swing

Bundled up for a big swing!

Snowy Balance Beams

High on Life in the snow

Mohawk Walk

Winter time birthday parties!