Trust in oneself, self efficacy, and then trust in one's teammates to "be there," "be accountable," "be supportive," and "be committed" to team goals and objectives.
THE SECOND FUNDAMENTAL BUILDING BLOCK OF A HIGH FUNCTIONING TEAM ISCLEAR AND OPEN COMMUNICATION. Building a common language of values, goals, and process, that the entire team is committed to, and holds one another accountable for using in overcoming challenges.

Your team development program includes an exciting array of activities. Ground, Low, Mid and High Level challenges offer teams many ways to step outside their comfort zones. These activities will challenge your team to communicate, problem solve, take risks, and develop trust.

Our Inner Passage and High Challenge Courses are amazing team development tools as we move your entire team (in groups of 8 or 9 individuals) through various challenges at height. Elements such High All Aboard, Leap of Faith, and Giant Swing involve your entire team and allow all to participate whether they climb or stay on the ground to belay others who do wish to climb. Our Ice Climbing Wall and Entre Prises Rock Pinnacle serve as powerful experiential learning tools that can profoundly increase self efficacy and trust levels of your team.

Northern Lights Rock And Ice adventures are inherently fun and exciting, but your experience is much more than just an amazing day -- it will be a turning point for your organization. Your learning outcomes are designed to carry over into the office and utilized long after your experience. Our main goal is to encourage the four elements of a successful team development experience: enhanced communication, trust, cooperation, and fun.

The Northern Lights Rock and Ice Experience enables participants to grow by exploring risk, leadership, communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution. We believe some of the most amazing development is accomplished through overcoming challenges. We design our activities to provide enough of a challenge to stretch your team’s limits, while providing enough support and guidance to expand them. Whether a person is belaying (supporting), climbing, or encouraging a teammate, every moment at NLRI is rich with discoveries.

We are a “Challenge By Choice" facility, empowering participants to choose the path that is right for them—a highly skilled instructor will always be on hand to facilitate the group through each initiative and discussion. No matter what NLRI activities are chosen, our world-class structures, professional equipment, and expertly trained staff is in place to insure our services are as physically and emotionally safe as possible.