Happy, inspired, and satisfied customers talk about how Northern Lights Rock and Ice has made a positive impact on their group. We pride ourselves on creating empowering experiential learning programs, and the following heartfelt testimony from our clients is often the best perspective on the services we provide.



Taste of NLRI

Exhilarating and Scary at 1st then got more comfortable. Knowledgeable guide, she had a calming effect and was not pushy etc. Very good job.

Emerson Family

Taste of NLRI

Our guide was very calming to the children (14 & 18). Daniel was very patient and took great care in our kid's safety. What an asset to your establishment and to our experience. Thank you Daniel. Geo Caching was well worth it. We let the Kid's self-direct and use their own problem solving abilities. Took them a while but they managed. Fascinating to observe them puzzle it out together.The toxic ball challenge was a great end to a fantastic morning.


Cargo Zip

Thank you again for a thrilling zip line experience last Wednesday and Thursday, March 16th and 17th 2011.  Andrew had such a good time, and the boost  to his confidence was palpable.  You guys really know what you're doing, and your wonderful attitude and patience went a long way in helping Andrew overcome his initial fear.  Really, really impressive.  I told my husband about your summer camp and if I can get my act together in time to sign both of our boys up for one week of your camp before it fills up, you can bet that I will.  My husband and I would like to be able to enjoy The Essex a bit on our own.  Thanks again, and hopefully we'll see you soon.

Ken & Christine

Taste of NLRI

Hello folks at Northern Lights, thanks again for a great weekend and a ‘Taste of Northern Lights!’ We can't wait to get the pictures and video so we can show our friends. The entire staff was friendly, patient, and encouraging. It was an exhilarating experience and a great facility. We wished that we had more time to really try everything out, but at least it gives us something to look forward to next time.


UVM Tri Delta Sorority

Coporate Team Program

Could not be happier! Every single member of our chapter has been RAVING about this ever since we completed the program. We had so much fun working together, learning from each other, and conquering any fears of heights we had! All of the instructors were amazing!

Champlain College

Corporate Team Program

The program was great. I had apprehension about including all of the faculty who were nervous about participating in all the activities. The NLRI staff did an excellent job at understanding the limitations of certain individuals and having them participate in alternative activities. Definitely a plus on all accounts. Our group continued to talk about the experience for the whole next week.

Vermont Air National Guard

Corporate Team Program

We had a group of 20 individuals. In my opinion, your company left a great impression on all. It is hard to involve everyone, you did. We received positive feedback on the experience. Many stated that they would like to see your group earlier in the home coming. We will likely use your company more often. Thank you for this eventful afternoon. Very creative. You were flexible. We could not go to you, so you came to us. Amazing activities, well thought out.

General Dynamics

Corporate Team Program

We had a great time. This was the first time our company used you for this type of team building event and we've gotten a ton of good feed back and a lot of positive energy in the office. This was the first time they interacted as a team and they all appreciated the opportunity and each other conversations.


Sourth Burlington Girls Soccer

Sports Team

Well, I just wanted to let you know that we had by far and away the best week of soccer we’ve had all year following the experience at Northern Lights.  The girls were energized and became trusting of the others around them.  I’ve been trying to teach the game of possession soccer to the girls, but hadn’t had much success until we visited you.  Now, could all of this be coincidental?  Of course, but the game of possession soccer only works if players trust others in tough situations.  The correlation between your event and them playing together as one is just too coincidental to dismiss. So, thank you for the wonderful time we had at your facility.  Plan on this becoming an annual team bonding experience.

Nordic Weekend

Sports Team

Team building at Northern Lights, with its physical and psychological challenges, wound up being "just what the doctor ordered."  It was clearly one of the highlights of our trip and the girls are still talking about the session and the races down the zip line.  We had not won a tournament all year, and yet with only 13 players we won our division at the Nordic Cup over the very next few days.  Needless to say, the team building worked and the parents began to see the fruits of their year-long fund-raising labors.

For anyone seeking both an adventure and a developmental experience for their team, whether it be a sports group, religious group, corporate group or otherwise, I truly recommend a session with YOUR team.  And, make sure the group leader participates as well!


Warren Church Youth Fellowship

Church Group

We had a terrific experience there. The staff, spirit and atmosphere all contributed to the positive energy and possibilities of the place from the moment we walked in. It was great to see our group take steps in melding / communicating / cooperating / problem-solving. And...it was affordable for us. Thank you for a great time! Working together on the Mohawk walk, facing fears on the Leap of Faith, choosing our own path while supporting others on the high ropes course, and giving over all control on the swing. Jay and Andrew were fun and willing to talk people through their fear.

Dream Mentoring Program

Community Group

We had a very positive experience bringing DREAM teens and mentors to NLRI. We were so impressed that they stayed engaged for 4 hours outside in the winter! Amazing! - It was clear that facilitators were doing a great job. Participants were happy and proud of themselves. (And they were exhausted by the time we left - It's always good to wear 'em out a bit! :) the Northern Lights experience was almost everyone's favorite part! Mentors and mentees alike felt challenged and were able to connect in a supportive environment. And...broomball was a huge hit!


Blattspieler Family

Birthday Party

Today, my daughter Eliza Jackson had her 12th Birthday Party at Northern Lights Rock & Ice. The staff was incredible with the children/adults. I would highly recommend your facility to kids/adults alike! Fabulous event...

Tarno Family

Birthday Party

Nell's words: "Awesome, awesome awesome! I loved the giant swing." As a parent I think it was a great birthday party for my daughter, her friends, my friend and me. I saw the kids challenge themselves and support one another. I took on challenges I never would have had I not been with such an adventurous group. Definitely a confidence booster. Giant swing, hoola hooping on top of the leap of faith Frank and Justin were fun, professional, supportive but also relaxed in their approach to our group.

Rivers Family

Adult Birthday Party

Wanted to let you know what an amazing, challenging, and bonding experience my party was at your place on Saturday. Everyone's still talking about it and will definitely be great word-of-mouth advertising for you. I can't wait to see my pics again. Thanks!

Find & Go Seek Review

Winter Birthday Party

NLRI was absolutely the best place ever to have a winter party for eleven year old boys! The kids were entertained from the minute they got there and they were all begging to stay at the end. The adventure course also provides a "forced" opportunity for all the kids to get to know each other as they have to work together as a team to get through it. At other types of parties, often at this age kids, separate into cliques. The NLRI staff is amazing. They put safety first. They are kind and patient with the kids and encourage them through everything making each one feel really good about what they have accomplished.


Eden Central School

School Group

The staff were amazing! They understood our students' needs; physically and emotionally. The organization of schedules was great. Everything about the day was superb. The challenge by choice presented to the kids challenged our kids to take a leap of faith.

Burlington School District

School Group

The Northern Lights instructors planned a great day filled with team-building activities! It was great to be on the higher elements with the high school students. The activities allowed each individual to reply and trust one another and quickly helped to facilitate friendships. The instructors were calm, encouraging as well as safe!

Browns River Middle School

School Group

NLRI offered a fun, exciting opportunity to our students while at the same time teaching them about themselves as individuals and a team. It was apparent that you recognized the needs of our group and tailored our program to meet them. Your staff is FABULOUS with our kids.

Moretown Elementary

School Group

Our experience at NIRI was terrific! I went into this not really knowing what to expect and came away happy, exhilirated, and proud. The students said the same thing too, and more importantly, they recognized that they found the physical and emotional strength to complete the challenges. Hats off to Frank, Justin Dude, Gil, Heidi, and Daniel!! WOW!! Courage to complete a task!


Kuhn Family

5-day Summer Camp

Our 11 year old son participated in the 5-day Rock n' Ropes adventure day camp and has already decided that this is one he will be signing up for again next year! This camp is great for kids that really need a lot of activity. Days are spent climbing, scaling the walls, building trust with other campers, doing the challenge course and working on mapping/compass skills. When things get hot, kids get a chance to swim next door at the indoor pool of The Essex Resort & Spa (twice). They also get two cooking classes at the Culinary Institute within the hotel. My son made homemade pizza, Caesar salad, homemade pasta and baked Alaska. He particularly enjoyed the flambe part!

I thought the staff was terrific (and so did he). Each night we got an email with a link to an online photo gallery of shots an movies from the day. It made it very easy to see just how much fun the kids were having.

Bovee Family

3-day Summer Camp

My son Jake had a fantastic time and enjoyed each day of the camp . . . although his muscles ache, he wishes it was longer. We'll be back.

Schumacher Family

3-day Summer Camp

I want to take this time to thank you so much for the amazing Rock n' Ropes Adventure Camp which you organized at NLRI! My daughter, Elise, and son, Gunnar, had a phenomenal time at your 3-day Summer Camp!  They finished up day 3 wishing that it was a 5-day camp and telling us of the great activities they were involved in.  They will definitely be signing up for future opportunities like this, and look forward to next summers camp. This is a wonderful opportunity your organization has provided for youth to build confidence, teamwork, excitement, fitness and so much more.  We feel very fortunate that our community has this type of facility now. Also, thank you for the fantastic photos and video clips! Thanks again for everything!

Evans Family

School Vacation Camp

Fun for the kids!!:)


Herbert, Marty and Kira

Ice Climbing Program

Clear detailed information and instruction. Calm presentation and supportive instructor. Accomplishing our goal to climb a wall of ice and do something new together.

Cate Stabile

Ice Climbing Pgoram

Matt and I had a great first ice-climbing experience. It was nice to be able to try it without the full-day commitment involved in hauling gear out to a climbing site and then setting up the ropes in the cold. It's a lot different than rock climbing but still a lot of fun. Thanks for a great time.

Becky Prado

Ice Cimbing Program

What a great experience!! My husband and decided to take a short vacation to the Inn at Essex. While looking at the Inn's activity calendar, we found out about night ice climbing at Northern Lights. For only $20/pp we were able to try ice climbing for the first time and LOVED it. Staff was friendly and helpful. I wish we lived closer so that we could come back on a regular basis. For anyone wanting to try ice climbing for the first time, this is the way to do it!! FUN, economical and nearby. What more could you ask for?